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Who we are

SerentipityO has six resorts under its umbrella. Each property stands out with its own uniqueness and has plenty to offer to give you a fabulous holiday experience. The history preserved in each place only adds more value to your experience. Soak in the old world charm at Lymond House in Ooty, wilderness at Northern Hay, calmness at Amberina, stunning view at 180 McIver, cosiness at Cassiopeia, quiet charm at Richmond and the mesmerising mountains at Eta Carinae. Each place is located in different parts of The Nilgiris Biosphere, so you will get to experience the best of every place.


Lymond House

An ancestral mansion that has stood the test of time, Lymond House is a heritage bungalow in its truest sense. Built in 1855, the property was acquired by the family in 1894. A hundred and fifty years later, in 2008, we decided to restore this mansion to its original grandeur, thus Lymond House resort came into being. It was one-of-a-kind restoration, because along with the house, the emotions and love that ran through the house were also restored.

180° McIver

A house that stands tall and proud, 180° McIver has taken its grand stance in Coonoor since the year 1886. Though owned by the family from the year 1902, it wasn't until 2010 that it dawned upon us to transform the bungalow into a resort. The restoration and transformation of the bungalow has been a means for us to preserve the history and aesthetics of a building that is close to our hearts.


A tea planter's bungalow originally belonging to the royal family of Neelambur, we bought this property in the year 1994 and it was one of the best things to have been done. The bungalow was our home every time we visited our estate until one day my Dutch cyclist friends insisted that we convert this into a getaway resort for everyone to enjoy the goodness of it. And hence the request was heeded and in 2008 Amberina came into being.


A large coffee godown, previously a part of the coffee plantation owned by Abbott Knott Company, it became an integral part of our family from the year 1893. Having spent most part of our growing years in the plantation, witnessing the life of a jungle at close quarters, we knew that the opportunity to live close to Nature should be extended to more people. Thus, in 2006, a coffee godown was transformed into The Wilds at Northern Hay, a jungle resort that has plenty to offer.



Nestled cosily in the lap of The Queen of Hills, Ooty, Lymond House offers an experience of a lifetime. Holding a history of 150 years within its walls, it will transport you into the world of the Englishmen. With the place retaining the design aesthetics of the British,you will be able to soak in the old world charm that is exuded by every corner of the house.

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The WILDS @ the Northern Hay

On the very edge of Mudumalai, a wild life sanctuary in the Nilgiris is The Wilds at Northernhay, an ancestral coffee plantation spread across 98 acres of wilderness.The House in the Wilds has four en suite bedrooms opening onto a common verandah, a drawing room, a dining room and several charming areas where you may relax.

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A tea planter's bungalow, Amberina is now a haven for those seeking the bliss of solitude. There are three bedrooms, a cottage, a verandah running the length of the house, a spacious living and dining area with a high ceiling and a fireplace, old fashioned red tile floors and big glass windows framing some spectacular scenery.

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180° McIVER

180° McIver is a 115 year old colonial hotel with 6 well appointed rooms. The resort boasts of a stunning 180° view of Coonoor and the surrounding hills. "La Belle Vie", the multi-cuisine restaurant, offer guests an extensive organic menu.Enjoy glorious sunsets, and as night falls, watch the hill-sides twinkle to life as lights come on one by one.

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Situated in the heart of Coonoor, a 2 minute drive from Sims Park and yet away from all the noise and hustle and bustle of town is Richmond, a new addition to the Serendipity family.Come relax in this lovely old bungalow with 4 well appointed bedrooms,an in- house kitchen, a big garden and a lovely view. Enjoy the privacy Richmond offers and still be within walking distance of town.

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At the head of a ravine running down towards Mettupalayam, is the oldest hill station in the Nilgiris, Kotagiri at 6511 MSL. Situated among knolls and valleys that stretch towards Elada is Cassiopeia, an ideal getaway in Pristine Valley. Cassiopeia is a small guest house overlooking a valley of acacias and tea estates. It has three well appointed bed rooms and a large living-dining area.

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We understand your needs

At SerendipityO, we always follow the simple but powerful rule in the words of Nelson Boswell, "Always give people more than what they expect to get." This has always been our driving force. We put all our energy into providing you a memorable stay with us and in turn get energised by your satisfied smiles.

Picturesque Locales

The lush green of The Nilgiri Biosphere with its abundant flora and fauna, do we have to say more?

Safe and Secure

We take care to provide you a safe and secure environment to ensure you a hassle-free holiday.

Delicious Food

Sample our delectable food which is a tasteful combination of fresh produce, chef's expertise and lots of love!

Friendly & Warm Atmosphere

Friendly smiles and warm greetings are what you will witness during your stay. The warmth exuded by the atmosphere will make you feel at home.

Quiet time vs Adventure time

Whether you need some quiet time or a thrill filled outing, our places cater to all your needs.

Cosy comfort and Quality facilities

We have a strict 'no compromise on comfort' policy, which we adhere to stringently. Come enjoy the quality facilities and the cosy comfort!

Vidyut, Ahan and Kavita


"We had a great vacation in and around Ooty. We enjoyed every moment of our stay both at Lymond House and Northern Hay. Even our visit to McIver at Coonor for lunch was great. We liked the way your staff took care of each and every thing that we needed and made us feel at home. Your visit to meet us is appreciated. Coming across elephants and the majestic tiger on Northern Hay safari was the icing on the cake. We missed out on Amberina, we are sure we will come back for that."

Ram Manickavasagam


“Northern Hay has given us the ultimate getaway from our city. The rich mix of English Style resorts nestled among the quiet coffee plantation is a dream. From the king size beds to the minute attention to detail, everything pleased us to the core. The safari was thrilling. The silence and the noise of the forest with such comfort of multi-cuisine food also added to the entire experience.”



"Had a nice and pleasant stay at your properties. Had an excellent and adventurous vacation. We especially loved the antique decor that adorns every corner of The Wilds at Northern Hay. Our stay at Devala too was beyond our expectations. The friendly and efficient staff made our trip more memorable."