Ambreena Northern Hay Lymanda House

In the 18th century, after reading the Persian fairytale the Three Princes of Serendip, Horace Walpole coined the word Serendipity - the gift of making fortunate discoveries quite by chance . When my great grandfather's grandfather, who like these Princes had this gift, arrived in the Nilgiri Hills in the 19th century, he happened upon three delightful properties- Lymond House, Northernhay and Amberina.

Each of these properties has its own distinctive flavour, from Lymond House in Ooty, at a height of 7000ft to Northernhay, a working coffee plantation in the jungles of Mudumalai to Amberina, a working tea plantation in the Nilgiri biosphere.

Come experience the peaceful, intimate and relaxing atmosphere in these homes away from home where the rooms are named after estates that we have loved and lost.

Junaid Sait